An Update on the Worst Day Ever

Yesterday afternoon I posted a photo of some unsuspecting soul, who was about to return to their car after a tough day taking it from the man and find this….











I felt bad for them, both because of the bird droppings and, more so, the fact that they are from O-HI-o.  After getting over my initial sympathy, I figured that this jackwagon has just gotten what was coming to him or her.  You know what they say about Karma.

I found myself trotting back to my car last evening through a cold, pelting, Pittsburgh rain, anxious to see if Mr. or Mrs. Birdshitcar had returned to the site of the disembowelment.  I hate to say it out loud for fear of appearing unkind to my fellow man, but I was really disappointed to find this…













Same car.  Same parking spot.  Show room clean.

To me, this begs the age old question, “If a flock of birds collectively takes a poo on a car in the South Side, and the rain washes it all away, was there ever any poo there at all?”
Talk amongst yourselves.

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