Taking Back Tuesday: Protecting Our Family’s Financial Future

For my new readers, “Taking Back Tuesday” is my personal, one woman crusade to give meaning and purpose to Tuesdays, by far the lowliest of the sept jours (That’s French for “seven days.”  Figured it makes me sound high society.)  Here’s how I will be making the most of this Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

Last night Jeff and I watched the Presidential debate together, and though I won’t be using “Taking Back Tuesday” to pontificate on our political stances, I thought I’d share with you our strategy for securing and growing the economy of our household.  I hope that our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit might help to inspire you to find your own solutions to the current economic crisis, and carve yourself a little piece of the proverbial American pie in the sky.

After taking a discriminating look at our current work/life balance, we both agreed that though some additional income would be desirable, we just couldn’t justify sacrificing the priceless time we spend as a family to increase our financial stability.  We had a little brainstorming session and came up with a solution that may seem a bit out of the box to you; but remember, we just want you, like us, to find a viable financial plan that works for you.  No judgement here.

What we discovered was that our son Jeffrey, who is just shy of his second birthday, is our family cash cow, and a completely underused resource…until “Taking Back Tuesday.”  We really see ourselves in a fortunate spot right now by sheer accident.  A few months ago, we showed Jeffrey how to put change into the slot of a big Piggy bank, and he was hooked.

“Money, money, money,”  he repeats on loop to friends and strangers alike with his sticky, little hand outstretched.  Really cute.  Disgustingly cute, at the risk of exposing my parental bias.  Without fail, folks open up their hearts and their wallets to indulge the cherub-faced little lamb. They feverishly dig into their pockets, purses and wallets, showering our little Rockefeller with loose change and an occasional bill, whatever they can spare.

Atta boy, sweet angel.

So I think you can see, we know we’re on to something big and we’re capitalizing.  Panhandle the hell out of Jeffrey while he’s still little and cute, before he becomes an obnoxious, awkward tween; then flip that money into a few rental properties and high yield bonds, and call it the American Dream.

See how great Tuesdays can be.  God bless America.

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3 Responses to Taking Back Tuesday: Protecting Our Family’s Financial Future

  1. Marion Divers says:

    And don’t forget your little cherub’s habit of searching people’s pockets FOR them.

  2. The captain says:

    Whatever I takes….I will step in when he has as sign on the bridge. God bless America

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