Things to Do When Your Team Doesn’t Make the Playoffs

sesameJust got the call from my mom, the Captain, that our front row tickets for Sunday’s performance of “Sesame Street Live” just entered the building.

Thank you Steelers for your 8-8 season.

Not that I am not looking forward to seeing my 2-year-old Jeffrey set foot in Elmo’s World for an afternoon, but Sesame Street is a far cry from playing for a bid in the AFC Championship game.

I’ll be the jackass waiving the Terrible Towel when Big Bird takes the stage on Sunday, just like when Troy runs out of the tunnel.

Just like it.

Since there are several more agonizing weeks of watching other teams march to to Super Bowl, I though of some other pursuits to occupy my time while awaiting the opening of training camp, and a shot at redemption:


1. Turning My Camry Into an Art Car




2. Getting a Guinness Book of World Records Title Under My Belt




3. Arena Football?



Los Angeles Galaxy v Chivas USA

4. MLS Soccer?




5. Watching Paint Dry


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