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Love and Heart Healthy Meals

   My mom is Florence Nightengale on methamphetamines. My dad, Mr. Wonderful, just did a brief stint in the hospital for a little unexpected maintenance on his ticker.  From what his doctor highlighted on his custom diagram of death, Mr. … Continue reading

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I Want My Son to Like Me

I want Jeffrey to like me.  I mean that.  I don’t want to be “besties” per say.  Nothing strikes the fear of God in me more than hearing the mother of a high school or college-aged student say, “We’re really … Continue reading

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The OFFICIAL Start to My New Year

Because I am of the belief that all attempts at change and personal growth begin first thing Monday morning, I’ll be kicking off my New Year’s resolutions promptly in the A.M.  Since I am guilty of creating a laundry list … Continue reading

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