Hi, Readers,

This is Molly, the creator of momsaidwhat and the brand spankin’, straight from the showroom, sparkly new mom of Jeffrey John.  (Cue the strands of heavenly music, because he is an angel. Of course he can’t speak or raise holy hell just yet; he’s only eight weeks old.)

Let’s be honest, relative to the gi-nor-mous pool of parenting knowledge and advice for moms, I’m still in the baby pool with my swimmies on.  In knowing that I know nothing, and in recognizing that the true secrets of successful parenting lie in wisdom of the veterans; I regularly turn to my own mother (a.k.a. “The Captain”) for some good ol’ fashioned, battle-tested, perhaps semi-tactless advice.  (In my family, we affectionately refer to this as THE TONE). 

As I see it my mom and dad raised three relatively normal-ish and somewhat stable-ish kids, with all appendages and brain matter accounted for; loooooong before helmets and car seats were either fashionable and/or a state law.  (My mom and dad preferred to let us rattle around in the back of a pickup truck, considering the fiberglass cab to be protection enough for long-distance travel.  For them, it was a cage on wheels for their whining offspring.)

As I navigate this reinvention-of-self known as motherhood, I hope to share with you, my readers and friends, the honest humor that forms the strongest of bonds between “The Captain” and me.  Like it or not, she tells it like it is, and I always seem to be the first in line when she’s dishing it out. 

I look at it like this–Life is short and motherhood ain’t easy; so if you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh with your mom.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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