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I’m Old Enough to Know Better: The “I Told You So” Edition

I’m thirty-four years old and really…I should know better.  But I don’t.  ‘ I just had ankle surgery on Friday.  I have a five-month old baby. Perfect. My original plan was to have this surgery done last summer.  Let it … Continue reading

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The Golden Child Returns…

Just got an e-mail from “The Captain.”  Apparently she has forgotten how to use spell check…again.  After a bit of decoding, it appears that my brother Matthew, aka the Golden Child, is coming in “nex” week, or next week?  I’m not … Continue reading

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The Sanctity of the Babysitter’s Toilet

I’m sure it’s not an official rule and, most likely, there has been no law penned against it; yet I am not so sure that it is acceptable to use the bathroom at your babysitter’s house. Three days a week, … Continue reading

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My Brother is my Mom’s Favorite Child

It’s official.  My brother is my mom’s favorite child.  He sealed the deal and took the crown with this year’s Mother’s Day gestures.  My sister and I were left in the dust.  Lost by a landslide. We hate him and … Continue reading

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Anne Geddes, Your Photography Gig is Safe

    My Dearest Jeffrey, I have to admit to you that I have yet to print a single picture of you, my first-born, the light of my life, my baby boy.  Yes, Jeffrey, if love is measure in pictures, … Continue reading

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