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“Rhymes with Tuesday”: Black Friday Haiku

Thought this sweet little haiku would do its part to celebrate all that is wrong with the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is over; let the games begin…   Packin’ pepper spray Back off Black Friday Shoppers It’s mine all mine now.

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“Rhymes with Tuesday”: The Bad Mama Jama Crossing Guard Tribute

I’m from Pittsburgh; I battle traffic like a backroads, shortcutting, alternate route-taking ninja.  The summer/fall/spring/eternal construction season in our fair city has been most ridiculous; truly lacking in sensibility of any kind.  Thank you, PennDot. I mean it.  Thank you, … Continue reading

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I Step in Poop, and I Move On

I stepped in dog poop this morning. Actually, I didn’t exactly step in it, I stepped kind of on it; realized halfway through what I was about to do; kicked it around; semi-slid in it; and then stepped firmly in … Continue reading

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Rhymes with Tuesday

Adding a new wrinkle to my blog in with a little ditty I like to call, “Rhymes with Tuesdays.”  “RWT” will feature funny poetry, dirty limericks, and those wacky, three line, 5-7-5 syllabic gems we all know and love–the haiku.  … Continue reading

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Mr. Wonderful Takes One for “The Girls”

We don’t call my dad, Mr. Wonderful, for nothing. (My mom, “the Captain”, is rolling her eyes LOUDLY after reading just this first line.  In her words she, “makes his life REAL damn easy.” She’s right.  The Captain is always right.) I’m … Continue reading

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Dear Celebrity Friends, I’m Divorcing You

I know that this may come as a BIG surprise, like a Kardashian –sized-blindside- of-a -surprise, but Kim Kardashian is not paying my bills. Between you and me, I think her lack of personal attention to my finances is totally … Continue reading

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I HATE Women’s Lib

Check out my new article for A Hopeful Sign: I HATE You, Women’s Lib

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