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Just Me and Oprah

I don’t know if anyone else does this, or will admit to doing it in a public forum, but I run entire conversations with people before I ever come face to face with them.  People I know, and people I’ve … Continue reading

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Taking Back Tuesday #2: Laughing Out Loud

Last week I introduced “Taking Back Tuesdays” on momsaidwhat.  Some people save whales or those ridiculously cute baby seals some heartless, Arctic bastard is always clubbing to death (might as well step on a kitten or two while they’re at … Continue reading

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Mondays with the Working Mom: The Butterfly Effect

I want to be more disciplined and productive writer, so I’m working on giving myself a daily structure to force this to happen.  I need to keep myself on a real short leash lest I risk hanging myself with my … Continue reading

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Taking Back Tuesday #1

I regularly walk to work in the morning to clear my head and get myself right for the workday ahead; I get my game face on.  This morning I found myself thinking about what a blasé day Tuesday has always … Continue reading

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