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Halloween Misunderstanding

As you can see by the photo at left, Jeffrey and I had a little misunderstanding regarding the parent-child relationship and my entitlements as the one who brought him into the world.  Simply put, it is the divine right of … Continue reading

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“Taking Back Tuesday”: You Say Yee-roh, I Say Gyro

It’s “Taking Back Tuesday,” and I’m facing my personal inventory of gripes head on today. I’m putting them all out there in the Wild West of the Universe and letting the Big Man Upstairs sort them out.  You’ll see them … Continue reading

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Halloween on the Verge of Ruin

When I was in elementary school, I sat alphabetically in front of Joy McElhinny in nearly every class from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  In my opinion, Joy was the complete package:  smart, funny, a gymnast (I was the Amazon in … Continue reading

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Who Knew?

Slap me silly and call me a fool because, clearly, I am an ignoramus.  Who knew? I promise that given the apparent value of show ferrets, I only tailgated long enough to snap this picture as a public service announcement.  … Continue reading

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Creative Last Minute Halloween Costume for Kids

We were all set for Halloween until this morning.  Jeffrey was going to be a chicken for Halloween, he’s been practicing his clucking for weeks.  Then we heard on the morning news that Allegheny County was under a code orange … Continue reading

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Taking Back Tuesday: Protecting Our Family’s Financial Future

For my new readers, “Taking Back Tuesday” is my personal, one woman crusade to give meaning and purpose to Tuesdays, by far the lowliest of the sept jours (That’s French for “seven days.”  Figured it makes me sound high society.)  … Continue reading

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Memoirs of a Middle Child: Never Too Early to Celebrate the Birth of the Golden Child

It’s a given of the McClelland family birth order, that I was destined for a life of neglect,  hand-me-downs, and leftovers; the scraps remaining from meeting the every whim of my older brother Matthew, the Golden Child, and my little … Continue reading

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