A Family That Has Bloodwork Together…


It’s Friday and I bet, like me, you all have made or are currently in the midst of making a weekend plan for you and yours.  Jeff and I have come to consensus on the weekend’s Plan A, and inclement weather backup Plan B.   I’m feeling pretty fired up and ready to get cracking on either A) stealing away on a bike trip and planting in the yard, or B) painting the kitchen.  As it turns out, I’m pulling hard for option A.

My parents, the Captain and Mr. Wonderful, have been hammering out their outline of weekend fun and frivolity as well.  Those two crazy kids are going to have their bloodwork done together tomorrow morning, complete with a 12-hour fast.

They know how to party.

Make you want to rethink your plans?  I’m thinking scrap the bike ride and go straight to painting the kitchen; lest I be shown up by my hard-living, walk-on-the-wild-side lovin’ parents.  I’m sure they’ll hold hands or neck on the table like the old days.


Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you love it.  I mean that.  I thank each of you for supporting me by reading my work and giving me feedback.  It’s been a great week. The Captain told me I’m getting long-winded, and she is the boss of me, so….


See you on Monday,


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